Jul 05
Kitchen staff cooking fries using the Perfect Fry PFC 5700 Perfect Fryer

Maximising Small Spaces: Explore the Best Commercial Cooking Equipment for Sale

05 July 2024

Whether you’re running a busy cafe, a small restaurant or a food truck, making the most of every inch of your space is crucial for efficiency and productivity. This is especially true in high-demand kitchens where both speed and quality are essential. 

At Meris, we understand the unique challenges that small kitchen spaces present. That’s why we offer a curated selection of high-quality commercial cooking equipment developed to optimise your kitchen operations and increase sales.

Our range of space-saving commercial cooking equipment for sale is designed to fit seamlessly into small kitchens, allowing smoother and more efficient workflows. This also ensures that your staff can move and work more freely, which helps improve the overall efficiency of your kitchen.

Despite their size, these appliances are created to deliver high-quality dishes to ensure that your food meets the standards your customers expect.

Here’s a closer look at some of our best-selling items that are perfect for your kitchen. 

Perfect Fry PFC 5700 Perfect Fryer

Frying is a staple cooking method in many commercial kitchens, but traditional fryers can be bulky and require significant ventilation. The Perfect Fry PFC 5700 Perfect Fryer solves this problem with its compact design and ventless operation. It can fit on most countertops (less than 500mm of bench space required) while delivering the same high-quality results you’d expect from larger models.

It offers high output without the need for an expensive ventilation system. This fryer features a fully enclosed frying system and built-in air filtration to keep your kitchen safe and odour-free. With user-friendly digital controls, the PFC 5700 allows precise cooking temperatures which guarantees consistency in your fried dishes. 

Using the Perfect Fryer is also straightforward. Simply load the food into the frying basket, set the desired cooking time and temperature using the digital interface and let the fryer do the rest.

    Kitchen staff preparing fries using the PFC 5700 Perfect Fryer, one of Meris AU's commercial cooking equipment for sale

    Key features:

    • With a built-in air filtration system and a fully enclosed frying system
    • User-friendly controls for easy operation
    • Less than 500mm of bench space needed

    Spidoglass Sandwich Press

    Grilled sandwiches and paninis are popular menu items that require precise and even cooking. The Spidoglass Sandwich Press is a versatile appliance that produces perfectly grilled sandwiches while occupying minimal counter space.

    One of the Spidoglass Sandwich Press’s standout features is its versatility. With adjustable temperature controls and non-stick plates, it can cook at temperatures up to 400°C and offers more options than a traditional contact press. Your team can quickly make burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, crispy bacon, perfectly fried eggs, salmon, tender chicken fillets and more using one piece of equipment.

    It also uses Spidocook’s Protek.SAFE Technology which minimises energy loss and promotes efficiency by directing most energy to the cooking surface. This means you can cook more efficiently, serve customers faster and reduce energy costs without compromising food quality.

    Spidoglass Sandwich Press

    Key features:

    • With adjustable temperature controls and non-stick plates
    • Can cook at temperatures up to 400°C 
    • Uses Spidocook’s Protek.SAFE Technology which minimises energy loss

    Neumarker Waffle Iron

    Waffles are a delightful addition to any breakfast or dessert menu and the Neumarker Waffle Iron makes it easy to serve delicious, crispy waffles. Thanks to its consistent heating and precise temperature control, this waffle iron guarantees perfectly cooked waffles every time. 

    The Neumarker Waffle Iron’s changeable plate models allow your staff to use multiple plates at different times of the day. For instance, they can cook a batch of waffle cones in the morning and then replace the plates to cook waffles throughout the day.

    Its compact size also allows for easy storage when not in use, freeing up valuable counter space. This is especially valuable in multi-cuisine kitchens where flexibility and space management are important.


    Neumarker Waffle Iron

    Key features:

    • Consistent heating and precise temperature control
    • Quick and easy to install and use
    • Available in changeable plate models

    Effeuno Pizza Oven

    If you want to offer authentic pizzas, the Effeuno Pizza Oven provides the perfect solution. This cooking equipment has multiple levels so it’s easy to maximise your cooking space and bake several pizzas at once. 

    Each level has separate temperature controls, providing the flexibility to cook different pizza types simultaneously. This feature is handy during peak hours, helping your team make delicious pizza quickly and serve more customers in less time. 

    The Effeuno Pizza Oven does not require a hood or canopy, which is often a cumbersome and expensive addition in small spaces. This not only saves on installation costs but also preserves the aesthetics of your kitchen, making it an efficient and attractive option for any small-scale operation looking to expand its menu offerings.

    Effeuno Pizza Oven

    Key features:

    • Multiple levels to cook more in less space
    • Separate temperature control for each level
    • No need for a hood or canopy

    King Edward Classic Compact Potato Baker Oven

    Baked potatoes are a versatile menu item that can be served as a main dish or a side. The King Edward Classic Compact Potato Baker Oven not only ensures perfectly baked potatoes but also adds an attractive element to your kitchen with its vintage design.

    This highly efficient oven ensures consistent baking results with minimal effort. It is easy to operate, with straightforward controls that allow your staff to produce perfectly baked potatoes every time with minimal training required. 

    The attractive design also enhances the aesthetic of your space. With a choice of finishes and an integral write-on, wipe-off menu board on the side, these bakers feature cast aluminium oven doors and traditional styling to complement any restaurant.

    King Edward Classic Compact Potato Baker Oven

    Key features:

    • Highly efficient stainless steel convection oven
    • With straightforward controls
    • Fully removable write-on, wipe-off menu board


    Maximising small kitchen spaces doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality or diversity of your menu. These commercial cooking equipment can help you make the most of your available kitchen space without compromising quality.

    Ready to transform your small kitchen into a more efficient, productive space? Check out our range of commercial cooking equipment for sale today. 

    What our clients say


    “When we were looking to purchase a heated merchandiser for our chickens and hot food, we got a quote on the Flexeserve from Meris as well as an alternate unit from another supplier. The Flexeserve® was more expensive, so we went with the other unit. From day one of installing the other unit we had a myriad of issues.

    After three months of this and an inability for anyone to be able to fix it, we re-approached Meris about the Flexeserve® unit, and they helped us out. The Flexeserve has done all the things they told us it would, and we have not had an issue. Clearly, you get what you pay for, and the Flexeserve® is worth it”

    Shane Cantania - FoodWorks
    Country Grocers & Liquor Ballan
    “Our previous hot food display was too hot to touch and was melting the food packaging. The harsh heat was drying the food out, which was limiting shelf life and leading to more food wastage. With Flexeserve, the results were almost immediate. Within 2 months, sales were up by 37%. In just six months, sales increased by a staggering 41%. With year-on-year sales up by 81%. " Ashlee Plucke, Store Manager - Country Grocers & Liquor Ballan
    “The FlashGrill is so good. Always such an even cook. Never have to worry about re-heating, it’s always at temp. Super easy to clean and nothing ever sticks. We cover the plate with 30 frozen burgers, cook them, then add another 30 straight away with no change in cooking time between the first lot and the second and get the same great result. It’s really impressive” Katrina Sanderson, Food Operations Manager - Bowser Bean and Vantage Fuels

    It enhances flavours by cooking at low temperatures.

    "FlashGRILL completes any food. It enhances flavours by cooking at low temperatures. It can perfectly caramelise and grill the products. It is great for white meat and fish. It is very satisfying to cook different kinds of meats and ensuring clients can fully perceive the differences in tastes due to the specific flavour of each product being preserved."Chef Francesco di Maria, - LA FIORENTINA Ristorante-Pasticceria Roma - Italy
    “Since I have had the possibility to cook at lower temperatures, meat does not stiffen or burn. It remains evenly cooked and intact, and enhances flavour. Thanks to FlashGRILL, which keeps the temperature even on the full cooking surface, I managed to optimise cooking in my work kitchen. I also use the CLOCHE every day. Thanks to it, I obtain great results with meat and fish, like tuna. I am extremely satisfied.”Chef Diego Asara, - GINGER SAPORI E SALUTE Roma - RM
    The Buckingham Arms Hotel Logo

    Operational costs down, profits up with Perfect Fry...

    ...Since installing the Perfect Fry, we’re saving $4,500 per week in labour costs by not having the kitchen open for as many hours.Craig Mitchell, Bar Manager - Buckingham Arms Hotel, Adelaide

    Perfect fit for our stores - counter top and no smells...

    Hot Chips are a universal product that appeal to multiple market segments in all seasons. The Perfect Fryer is perfect for the Wendy’s environment as it has a very small footprint and is able to be used in kiosks due to its in-built filtration system.” “We are looking forward to continued growth and development of the Wendy’s brand with an enhanced food offer”Wendies
    We have increased sales and heavily reduced food wastage. The benefits of the Flexeserve are as promised. We have benefited greatly from the individual temperature-controlled shelves, allowing us to hold food at the perfect temperature, preserving its freshness and increasing the variety of food items we offer, meeting peak mealtimes throughout the day.Clinton & Tanya Loftus - IGA Busselton

    Five weeks in we are seeing daily food sales growth and are confident we are going to achieve our sales targets...

    ...The cooking equipment we selected is all automated for a consistent result every time and is safe and simple to use. It has provided us with the opportunity to introduce a diverse range of new food that is proving popular with our customers.Eddy - BP
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