May 29

SUCCESS STORY – Endeavour Petroleum

29 May 2024

The Results

Annual Hot Food Sales, starting 1 year after installation of Hot Food Offer

Store BP Cowes BP Korumburra
Year 1 $84,000 $100,000
Year 2 $148,000 $168,000
Year 3 $178,000 $172,000

Customer Overview

Established for over 26 years, Endeavour has built from a fuel distribution business into true convenience offers with their sophisticated stores as well as fuel stops and depots.

The Challenge

Endeavour saw opportunity in growing demand for a greater range of hot food-to-go. There was a demand from customers, but many shops were fairly compact and management didn’t want to negatively impact staff and how the shops functioned.

The Meris Approach

Endeavour already had a good pie offer with reasonable sales. They were also offering a range of chilled food-to-go. There was definitely a chance to grow more in the hot ready to eat.

Meris installed a Perfect Fryer and a Kentucky Hot Display. It gave maximum potential with a range of fried food cooked fresh instore, while minimising need for extra or skilled staff and took minimal floor space and no need for hoods or canopy systems.

A menu of high selling and popular fully cooked foods was created for minimal food handling and risk. The staff were trained fully in using and instore process was created and documented.

The system was installed in BP Korumburra site and then shortly after BP Cowes site.

The Results

Really strong sales created from the beginning, but still strong growth over the two years following.

The upfront equipment investment was paid for within months and a great ROI was achieved.

The Hot Food Sales in these sites speaks for themselves. See below table.

The Endeavour Group have gone on to implement similar system across several more sites and continue to dramatically improve and grow the growing food-to-go part of their business.