May 29

SUCCESS STORY – Coles Supermarkets

29 May 2024

The Results

Greatest range of hot food that could be displayed
Best food quality over longest timeframe
Lowest energy consumption

The Client

Needing no introduction, Coles Supermarkets are one of the leading retailers in Australia

The Challenge

Coles wanted to display and hold their hot chickens and meats, but also to ensure a cabinet had the technology to allow them to grow their range to include other hot food-for-now and food-to- go products.

The Meris Approach

The Flexeserve Zone was selected as a probable solution for the job. Testing and validation of the cooked chickens was a relatively easy process to prove consistent temperatures, freshness for the holding duration and more.

The thorough equipment approval process for staff safety, usability for staff and customers, certification and compliance with required standards and vendor approval process was rigorous but all confirmed by Coles as a valid solution.

So then testing of the ‘future’ foods and the food-to-go was conducted. Foods were cooked in fryer, ovens and other means, and tested in Flexeserve against traditional cabinets and other hot holding technology.

Testing was done in a variation of food packaging, over different times and varying environments to ensure that the technology and cabinet chosen, was actually future proofing Coles and allowing the growth of this emerging category. Food quality in the Flexeserve outperformed.

The Results

Flexeserve has been adopted in a few different model sizes to suit different store sizes and formats. The footprint is small compared to many other offers and due to the vertical nature can display a greater volume of product than the open style units that were standard, proving particularly effective in the smaller format stores.

Versatile from a merchandising angle, the Flexeserve and sit side by side with open front refrigeration to create a Food-To-Go / Food-For-Now offer virtually in the store, or equally slot into a deli line-up.

The latest store (at the time of writing) is Moonee Ponds. Regarded as the most sustainable store to date, the Flexeserve Zone offers some huge energy savings on the traditional style units. Moonee Ponds store has a huge wall of hot food in 3 units that can achieve longer hold times and allow Coles to grow their range of foods without fear of outgrowing the technology.

Flexeserve solution produced:

  • Greatest range of hot food that could be displayed
  • Best food quality over longest timeframe
  • Lowest energy consumption