May 28

SUCCESS STORY – Buckleys Group

28 May 2024


“I knew the Perfect Fryer would work as soon as I spoke to the boys about it, and we now have two machines side by side and we sell a heap of food.”
Michael Tonks, Manager Buckley’s Group

Customer Overview

Buckley’s is a large and busy club, gaming, bistro and sports bar, with high level facilities, which include a huge kids play area. Thy offer a great bistro menu and often run two seatings for dinner which is complemented by an incredible dessert bar.

The Challenge

There was a real need to elevate the food offer after business hours. Many options were discussed such as pizza and toasted sandwiches, however a focus on greater menu variation landed at the Perfect Fryer as the ideal piece of equipment that would provide the greatest variety in menu.

The Meris Approach

Meris worked with Buckley’s to design a menu that includes many favourites such as chips, seafood, chicken wings. Importantly, all items can be prepared by bar stuff, meaning there is no need to open the kitchen, subsequently reducing overheads.

The primary objective was to offer great menu after hours at very low cost or effort.

The Results

The primary objective of offering a great menu after hours at very low cost or effort and was hugely popular with gaming and sports bar punters alike.

Speed of service enabled sales growth in food even during current kitchen hours.

Patrons are happy to stay and enjoy themselves longer without having to leave early and grab some food on the way home.