Apr 25
Flexeserve and Meris

Some of our brands and their business stories

25 April 2022

One of our fastest growing innovative brands to hit the Australian/NZ marketplace is FLEXESERVE®. About Flexeserve

For over 50 years The team behind the brand have provided award-winning technical expertise. The industry leaders in hot-holding units and food-to-go solutions – exporting products and services around the world. In 1993, Chairman Alan Nuttall – whose business was founded in 1966 – launched a Fresh Food Solutions operation. It was created to supply hot, cold and ambient food display equipment. This area of the business, which would become known as Flexeserve, now focuses on the manufacture of industry-leading hot-holding units that utilise Flexeserve’s unique and patented hot air recirculation technology.

Flexeserve is enabling major global retailers and independent outlets alike to improve their hot food programme, reduce food waste and increase profits. Here at Meris we met the team at Flexeserve and were instantly excited about what the products can offer and how we can provide this to our customers here in Australia. The  100-strong team, headquarters in Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK. With 25 years of research and development within the heated displays and hot food merchandising market, and the products inspire businesses, including some of the biggest foodservice operators in the world – whom are seeing excellent return on investment- we’re know we have partnered with the right team.

So we are delighted to welcome the future of Hot-holding with Flexeserve, to learn more about how hot-holding, menu development and packaging transform the world of food-to-go give us a call today to learn more.

1800 265 771


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What our clients say

“The FlashGrill is so good. Always such an even cook. Never have to worry about re-heating, it’s always at temp. Super easy to clean and nothing ever sticks. We cover the plate with 30 frozen burgers, cook them, then add another 30 straight away with no change in cooking time between the first lot and the second and get the same great result. It’s really impressive” Katrina Sanderson, Food Operations Manager - Bowser Bean and Vantage Fuels

It enhances flavours by cooking at low temperatures.

"FlashGRILL completes any food. It enhances flavours by cooking at low temperatures. It can perfectly caramelise and grill the products. It is great for white meat and fish. It is very satisfying to cook different kinds of meats and ensuring clients can fully perceive the differences in tastes due to the specific flavour of each product being preserved."Chef Francesco di Maria, - LA FIORENTINA Ristorante-Pasticceria Roma - Italy
“Since I have had the possibility to cook at lower temperatures, meat does not stiffen or burn. It remains evenly cooked and intact, and enhances flavour. Thanks to FlashGRILL, which keeps the temperature even on the full cooking surface, I managed to optimise cooking in my work kitchen. I also use the CLOCHE every day. Thanks to it, I obtain great results with meat and fish, like tuna. I am extremely satisfied.”Chef Diego Asara, - GINGER SAPORI E SALUTE Roma - RM
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Operational costs down, profits up with Perfect Fry...

...Since installing the Perfect Fry, we’re saving $4,500 per week in labour costs by not having the kitchen open for as many hours.Craig Mitchell, Bar Manager - Buckingham Arms Hotel, Adelaide

Perfect fit for our stores - counter top and no smells...

Hot Chips are a universal product that appeal to multiple market segments in all seasons. The Perfect Fryer is perfect for the Wendy’s environment as it has a very small footprint and is able to be used in kiosks due to its in-built filtration system.” “We are looking forward to continued growth and development of the Wendy’s brand with an enhanced food offer”Wendies

Perfect Fryer go great and produce a consistently high quality product...

...We have expanded the range to offer three Perfect Fryers, two are used for chips and the third for other deep fried product.IGA

Five weeks in we are seeing daily food sales growth and are confident we are going to achieve our sales targets...

...The cooking equipment we selected is all automated for a consistent result every time and is safe and simple to use. It has provided us with the opportunity to introduce a diverse range of new food that is proving popular with our customers.Eddy - BP

Delivering a high standard of menu items across all our stores and locations...

...We were impressed with the quality of food the perfect fry producs, right from the trial cooking our chefs did, additionally, all staff members cooking will now be able to produce those results consistently.Mr Marshall - Degani
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The Perfect Fry is competitively priced and has really helped us to grow our food-based revenue...

...We use the Perfect Fry instead of a kitchen for the last 15 years. The machines are incredibly easy for any staff member to use, our roster of up to 26 bar staff utilise the machines on a daily basis. I highly recommend the Perfect Fry.Yohan Karunatileke, Venue Manager - The Welcome Stranger Hotel in Melbourne CBD
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