May 29
Wendy's Milk Bar with Perfect Fry ventless deep fryer.

Perfect Fry Testimonial – Wendy’s Milk Bar

29 May 2024

The Results




The Client

Wendy’s has stood the test of time, with more than 3 decades of franchise experience, and today operating more than 120 stores across Australia and New Zealand. Well known and loved for their icecreams and milkshakes, Wendy’s are a valued customer of Meris and long standing users of Perfect Fry ventless deep fryers.

The Challenge

In 2014, Wendy’s engaged Meris to assist them in expanding their menu offering. Competitor businesses were popping up with similar offers, and Wendy’s wanted to strengthen their point of difference and remain competitive. The team also felt they were lacking savoury options they could offer at different times of the day.

Perfect Fry is Launched at Wendy’s

Collaborating with the team, Meris developed a hot chips concept utilising Perfect Fry deep fryers. Wendy’s leaned on the full suite of consultation services offered by Meris, which included developing an end-to-end concept considering all variables, including equipment, chip supplier, oil type and supplier, and packaging options. Meris also worked with staff to develop in-store processes to make for an easy roll out and execution of the new menu offer.  There was significant work done on costings and ROI projections.

The Perfect Fry PFC 5700, was proposed for Wendy’s stores.

This model was selected due to it’s compact size. Requiring less than 500mm of bench space, the Perfect Fry could be easily retrofitted into small kiosk outlets. Wendy’s had an interest in offering churros and donuts in addition to the hot chips. They didn’t have the space for 2 fryers, and needing a frying solution that could be used for both sweet and savoury dishes.

The Perfect Fry PFC 5700 was the ideal choice, as different food types can be cooked sequentially, without taste transfer. This is due to the incredibly fast oil recovery time of the Perfect Fry.

Wendy’s invested in two concepts for two stores to run trials for a 12 week period. Results were measured including staff and customer feedback for assessment.

The trials were a success and the concept was rolled out across an initial 20 sites.

Perfect Fry Results

The concept was marketed for individual sites to purchase. The ROI and impact on the business was enough for head office to negotiate a national roll out deal and units were installed into all Australian stores (subsequently also introducing into NZ).