May 29
Rosebud RSL bar with Perfect Fry ventless deep fryer.

Perfect Fry Testimonial – Rosebud RSL

29 May 2024


“I have been working the Perfect Fryer and Meris Food Equipment for several years using them on multiple venues. We have always been able to show a great Return on the Investment on the concepts they have assisted us with.”

– Brett Rowland, General Manager Rosebud RSL

The Client

Since 1946, Rosebud RSL has been a stalwart of the local community. In recent years the organisation has undergone some exciting changes, including the introduction of the Perfect Fry to support their gaming facilities, dining rooms, outdoor areas, and sports bar which accommodates 250-300 patrons.

The Challenge

The kitchen was challenged in peak hours supplying food to areas outside of the dining rooms and bussing the food to these areas. This caused pressure on staff, and was blowing out patron wait times for food. Outside of kitchen hours, there was a lack of food on offer for patrons.

Perfect Fry launched

Former General Manager Brett Rowlands already had experience with the Perfect Fry in other venues and was keen to look to install at Rosebud.

Meris collaborated with the team to create a menu to suit the patrons and to drive in more patrons. Food that was chosen was a little different to ‘standard fried food’ to create some interest and a point of difference for the club. Today, Rosebud continues to challenge the norm with interesting takes on fried food classics such as Korean style fried chicken and Filipino pork spring rolls.

The larger model in the range, the Perfect Fry PFA 7200, was selected for it’s automation and ability to support busy, high output environments.

Positioned behind the bar, front of house staff can quickly load the food into the unit, press a single button and walk away.  The food will automatically cook and dispense (on average, under 3 minutes for 1kg of chips). This frees up staff to perform other tasks such as serving drinks. This keeps things moving, and ensures minimal disruption to the business operations, while creating another revenue stream. Discover more in our latest blog post: How to Use A Perfect Fry Ventless Deep Fryer

Perfect Fry results

Food orders are now taken, cooked and served by the front of house staff, taking all pressure off the kitchen.

“From the beginning it was evident that supplying food to patrons in these areas was faster. The food is hotter and better when received by patrons.

The Perfect Fry is on during all hours of trade, resulting in a food service offering outside of kitchen hours. This provides a revenue stream not previously available and ensures compliance with RSA laws” Explains Brett.

For more information on Perfect Fry , contact Meris today on 1800 265 771 or email [email protected]