May 29

Perfect Fry Testimonial – Reading Cinemas

29 May 2024


“Working with Meris is a partnership, a solution focused partnership. What sets Meris apart is the fact they take the time to understand your business and how you operate. They provide customised recommendations which are tailored to your business.”

Reece Johnson | Food & Beverage Manager AU & NZ | Technical Manager AU & NZ

The Client

Reading Cinemas are an international cinema chain operating in the USA, New Zealand and Australia. With 34 cinemas across Australia and New Zealand, Reading’s are a longstanding client of Meris and Perfect Fry, having worked together for more than 20 years.

The Challenge

Reading Cinemas offered the standard popcorn, choc top and soft drink from the candy bar. But as they moved to elevate their Gold Lounge experience, they wanted to expand their range of food offerings to include more non-traditional cinema food such as chips, salt & pepper squid, wedges, and fish & chips.

The challenge for the business was to deep fry and expand their menu without a kitchen, professional Chef or trained kitchen staff.  It was important that the new solution resulted in minimal disruption to operations, as staff were already kept busy with the day-to-day duties of running a cinema.

Perfect Fry is Launched

Meris put together a proposal to introduce the Perfect Fry PFA 7200, a fully automatic ventless deep fryer.  The fryer was first trialled in a Gold Lounge cinema, and later rolled out to all Gold Lounge locations nationally.

The larger model in the range, the PFA7200, was selected for it’s automation, consistent cooking results, and safety. Without a Chef or skilled kitchen staff, equipment needs to be safe and simple to use, mitigating OH&S risks. The unique design of the PFA7200 means their is no access to hot oil, as it is stored under lock and key. This significantly boosts safety.

The deep fryer is programmable, with ability to add pre-sets for different foods and cook times. This means with a simple touch of a button, the food will automatically cook, without the need to constantly set a cook time. This ensures consistent cooking results each and every time. A great feature to have at your disposable when you don’t have skilled kitchen staff!

Cinemas are also typically busy places. The benefit of the PFA 7200 is you can load the food into the fryer, and walk away and care to other duties whilst the food cooks, increasing productivity.

Today, Reading Cinemas have 30+ Perfect Fryer deep fryers which have made their way into new fit outs as well as their premium and Titan Luxe cinema experiences.

Perfect Fry Results

The ongoing partnership has seen Reading’s increase their average customer spend and expand their menu offer without the need for skilled kitchen staff. Readings now offer hot chips, chicken tenders and mac and cheese croquettes. They have also introduced other Meris equipment solutions, including Effeuno pizza ovens and Spidocook sandwich presses, to expand their menu even further.

For more information on Perfect Fry , contact Meris today on 1800 265 771 or email [email protected]