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How to Increase Food Sales During the Winter Months

Looking for ways to increase food sales during the winter months? As the weather cools, customers can opt for the comforts of their couch. Adding delicious, winter warming, comfort foods to your menu is a great way to generate interest, increase foot traffic and encourage sales. Here are our top tips on captialising on sales this upcoming season. Focus on Comfort FoodsDuring the colder months, consumers gravitate towards hearty comfort foods. Foods much as waffles, crepes, pizza, toasties, Dutch pancakes, and jaffles are nostalgic and comforting, plus they are cost effective to make and deliver high margins, making them a winner all-round. The equipment required is compact and affordable, making it accessible for most businesses. You don’t need a large space or to radically change your infrastructure to start offering these menu items. Have health conscious customers? Jacket potatoes are making a huge comeback, (now viral on Tik Tok) ,and are both comforting and nutritious. Reduce your Food Bill and WastageWhen adding more menu items, cost and wastage can be a concern. The great thing about foods such as jaffles is they are incredibly versatile. With just a few ingredients, you can create a variety of menu items and flavours. […]

How To Start Selling Fried Foods

Have you considered introducing a fried food offer? You have likely heard of the benefits of selling fried foods. But when you consider building or expanding your own hot food offer, it may feel like a giant leap to get there. At Meris, we specialise in cooking outside of the kitchen. The majority of our customers are not from the foodservice industry and don’t have traditional kitchens. Foodservice is not their bread and butter or at the core of what they do. However, it’s a highly profitable revenue stream for their business. This includes supermarkets, petrol stations, convenience stores, bars, leisure venues and gaming rooms. Without a Chef or skilled kitchen staff, we work with these businesses to help them create highly profitable and sustainable fried food offers. How To Get Started Meris Partner and Sales Director Andrew Brick gives his top 5 tips on how to get started: How Meris Can Assist You With Your Fried Food Offer Creating a successful food offer takes more than quality equipment. For anyone looking to start or expand their food offer, we recommend giving us a call or booking in a complimentary consultation. To help you create a successful food offer, we […]

How to use a Perfect Fry ventless deep fryer

Are you looking for a hassle-free solution to deep frying without the need for extensive culinary skills or a professional Chef? Look no further than the Perfect Fry ventless deep fryer! With two different models to choose from – Perfect Fry PFC5700 and Perfect Fry PFA7200 – Perfect Fry offers versatility to meet the varying needs of different establishments. How to use Perfect Fry PFC5700 Step 1: Place your desired food items into the basket provided. Step 2: Open the front flap and place the filled basket inside. Close the front flap. Step 3: Choose either the pre-set button corresponding to the food you’re cooking or manually select the desired cooking time. Step 4: The basket will automatically lower into the oil to cook your food. Wait for the beep and then open the front flap and remove the basket. With a frying time of 2 to 6 minutes for most products, the Perfect Fry PFC5700 has an hourly output of 12-20kg, depending on product and cook times. Oil capacity in 8 litres. Watch our step-by-step video below on how to use the Perfect Fry PFC5700 How to use Perfect Fry PFA7200 Step 1: Open lid of the hopper and […]

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The Buckingham Arms Hotel Logo

Operational costs down, profits up with Perfect Fry...

...Since installing the Perfect Fry, we’re saving $4,500 per week in labour costs by not having the kitchen open for as many hours.Craig Mitchell, Bar Manager - Buckingham Arms Hotel, Adelaide

Perfect fit for our stores - counter top and no smells...

Hot Chips are a universal product that appeal to multiple market segments in all seasons. The Perfect Fryer is perfect for the Wendy’s environment as it has a very small footprint and is able to be used in kiosks due to its in-built filtration system.” “We are looking forward to continued growth and development of the Wendy’s brand with an enhanced food offer”Wendies

Delivering a high standard of menu items across all our stores and locations...

...We were impressed with the quality of food the perfect fry producs, right from the trial cooking our chefs did, additionally, all staff members cooking will now be able to produce those results consistently.Mr Marshall - Degani
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The Perfect Fry is competitively priced and has really helped us to grow our food-based revenue...

...We use the Perfect Fry instead of a kitchen for the last 15 years. The machines are incredibly easy for any staff member to use, our roster of up to 26 bar staff utilise the machines on a daily basis. I highly recommend the Perfect Fry.Yohan Karunatileke, Venue Manager - The Welcome Stranger Hotel in Melbourne CBD
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