May 14
IGA Busselton

IGA Busselton

14 May 2024



“The Impact on the business has enabled us to upskill staff and utilise areas on-site to cook in. We have increased sales and heavily reduced food wastage. The benefits of the Flexeserve are as promised. We have benefited greatly from the individual temperature-controlled shelves, allowing us to hold food at the perfect temperature, preserving its freshness and increasing the variety of food items we offer, meeting peak mealtimes throughout the day.”

Clinton & Tanya Loftus

Challenges and Opportunities

IGA Busselton Owners Clint and Tanya Loftus faced the common challenge of providing a variety of food-to-go options to their customers.

The offer of hot chickens found in all supermarkets and convenience stores really wasn’t the answer to keep their customers coming in. Given the Busselton IGA location and customer base, Clint and Tanya were inspired to develop a hot, food-to-go offer.

Clint began researching a number of product solutions and came across the award winning Flexeserve range. “There isn’t a lot like it, in fact I found the product really refreshing with lots of information online about it. That’s what prompted me to get in contact with General Manager Michael Brick and the team at Meris.” Explains Clint.



“We started off small. Michael recommended the Flexeserve 4 tier, 1m hot holding display, and we received our first unit in June 2023. We could see the value straight away as sales were up. It was so successful that we were struggling to keep up with the high demand, so we invested in a second unit just three months later!”.

Outcomes and Results

“The introduction of the Flexeserve units has seen us move rapidly from no focus on hot meals to an overall increase of 20% in sales across the business!”.

The unsung hero of the story is the reduction in food waste by 10-15% since implementing the Flexeserve’s. Leftover fresh produce and/or produce nearing its shelf life, which would normally get discounted or recycled, is now being transformed into tasty, fresh hot meals lovingly prepared by Tanya and the team onsite.

“We now do so much more with our produce and other perishable items. Previously we had kitchen facilities that were being wasted sitting there unused. We are now utilising the kitchen to prepare hot, fresh meals in-store for breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering so much more to our customers.

We offer beef gravy rolls, roast meats, veggies and gravy, vegetable dishes, hot croissants, pies and pastries, egg & bacon rolls, plus much more! Our customers, and even our staff, are loving what the new addition, and it has bought new life into our fresh food offering. Sales are up and food wastage has never been so low!”.

Key Takeaways

“The advice I would give to anyone looking to get into hot, food-to-go is to simply give it a go. You can increase sales, heavily reduce food wastage and substantially increase customer satisfaction.

Talk to the team at Meris, they can really help you with not just the use of the Flexeserve. They have so much knowledge in this space, and can help tailor a solution to suit your business needs”.