King Edward Potato Baker Oven

Comfort food comes in many forms, not just fried! In fact one of the most healthy and delicious, easy to prepare and affordable foods to go is the baked potato!

King Edward is a variety of potatoes from the UK and one cannot argue that the English know a thing or two about how to cook a spud! So we looked to the experts to source the world’s best potato oven.

Hot potatoes full of delicious toppings fill even the fussiest eater with the fullness of this simple yet delicious food to go option. Healthy if you want, guilt free if you ask me, the options are endless. So to is the great functionality of this clever potato oven. A cooking oven and a hot holding oven all in one. All you need to do is ask, where do I get one?

Hot potato, hot potato

The King Edward Potato oven is the most efficient and economical oven on the market producing a great tasting baked potato. Not only is the King Edward potato oven a master at the cooking process, it is also effective in storing HOT cooked potatoes in preparation for serving, whilst cooking new potatoes simultaneously.

The stylish King Edward potato oven adds a vintage vibe to your food display and that ode to old England too. The potato has a strong food history, one that deserves respect and recognition and King Edward knows just how to cook it to complete perfection too.

Surprisingly easy, surprisingly tasty

The most tasty and filling food on the go, the baked potato is an easy crowd pleaser! With no cooking skills required and endless topping options available, this is a personalised meal on the go for even the fussiest foodie.

Travel the world with your taste buds and get creative! Italian style Bolognese sauce and extra cheese, French style smoked salmon, creme fraiche and rocket, good old fashioned British tuna mornay and extra cheese! Let your imagination run wild and your taste buds come to life with the versatile baked potato.

The King Edward

Perfect Baked Potatoes   No Chef Required

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