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Food to go requires a few things to be truly successful such as a variety of great tasting food options, enticing presentation, convenience and most importantly – freshness. But how can food to go remain fresh if it is sitting in a holding display for hours at a time? This is the very question that Flexeserve’s team of experts set out to find a solution for.

With a variety of hot holding brands and products in the market, very few have managed to tackle the art of fresh taste and food integrity over long periods of time in a hold-holding display unit. Most food continues cooking as these display units lack the technology to maintain the integrity of the food within. Bread products tend to dry out or become too moist and soggy, soups and stews develop skins and other foods such as pies and pastries can become lifeless and tasteless which ultimately leads to a terrible customer experience.

Flexeserve changes all that! With their game-changing, industry-leading patented air flow technology, the hot food maintains its optimum moisture content and freshness for up to 8 hours ensuring the best possible texture, quality and taste!

Flexeserve Hot Display

World leading technology in hot food display


Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches and dried out chicken pieces. Say Hello to food that tastes juicy, crisp and freshly cooked when offered from the Flexeserve. Customers will keep coming back to the great tasting, freshness of your food to go when it is stored using the patented air flow technology.

Maintaining freshness throughout the day ensures customer satisfaction with the food you have on offer and minimum waste based on the extended shelf life, saving the environment and your bottom line!

Keeping customers well fed is part of keeping your customers happy and will ultimately lead to them coming back for more! Do not underestimate the importance of not only offering hot food to go but quality food to go to your customers.

Presentation is everything

We eat with our eyes and when in a rush to grab our food on the go, what we select is based on the appealing nature and visual presentation of our food. Does it look fresh, inviting and potentially tasty? How is it displayed? What is the layout of the food to go section of your business, does it attract customers or repel them?

Food on the go is a competitive space, offering any old food just won’t cut it in today’s food landscape. Customers want great tasting food but they also want to feel that the place the food comes from has high standards. The best way to send that message to your customers is through the quality of the visual merchandising of the food you have on offer.

Thankfully the Flexeserve has this covered. With the most professional looking hot holding display units and a variety of versatile layouts and configurations available, you can not only be confident you are offering the best quality hot food, but also the most stylish displays possible in the food to go space!

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