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FlashGRILL Evolution is an electric griddle, engineered and manufactured in Italy, that delivers exceptional performance that’s guaranteed to delight chefs and business owners alike.


100% Surface Coverage, 100% Performance.
Commercial Griddle


FlashGRILL Evolution has a patented indirect heating technology that not only delivers 100% temperature uniformity and an unmatched cooking performance, but does so while using up to 70% less power compared with a traditional grill.


Because the FlashGRILL Evolution’s temperature doesn’t drop when you put frozen foods on it, you can be confident that you won’t lose crucial productivity in a busy kitchen.

6 practical advantages you will
not be able to work without anymore

When designing, our aim is to elaborate functional and practical solutions in order to make it easier to work in the kitchen.

1. Cooking surface washable at any time

You can wash the cooking surface whenever you need to and the temperature on the surface will not have fluctuations!
You will fulfill quickly your clients’ requests, changing food on the cooking surface with no stops. You will cook fruits after meat, vegetables after fish without waiting for the cooking temperature to get back up to the degree needed.

2. Easy to clean

Shaped without joints or weld joints difficult to clean. It works with lower temperatures compared to any other grill or fry-top technology, so that it does not become encrusted like the others.

3. Removable drip tray

Larger compared to the drip trays traditional grills are equipped with. You just have to rotate the drip tray to remove it, making it easy to empty. Easy to dish-wash or to hand-wash.

4. Exploit 100% of the cooking surface

Even and stable temperature on the whole cooking surface, included corners and borders. You will not need to continuously move the food food on the grill!

5. 230°C for cooking

You will reduce work and stress! The use of low temperature considerably reduces heat radiation and cooking smoke.

6. You choose the temperature

You can set the temperature exactly at the required degree, being sure that what is shown on the display is the actual surface temperature. By the new Touch Screen control, setting and checking are even simpler, more exact and functional. You can select with a single click a preset cooking programme or choose the duration of your cooking.



Unlike traditional grills where the surface is heated directly by electrical resistance or a gas flame, FlashGRILL Evolution uses heating elements immersed in a diathermic fluid inside a waterproof tank located directly below the hob.

These elements heat the fluid, which in turn, transmits the heat indirectly and uniformly to the hob above, ensuring a completely even cooking temperature across the entire surface (including corners and borders). This means you can use the whole plate without having to continuously move food around to adjust the cooking speed. No more annoying hot or cold spots. Totally even cooking. Every single time.

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A digital control means the FlashGRILL Evolution delivers highly precise cooking and the flexibility to cook all kinds of ingredients, including delicate seafood and vegetables. Without the burning knob’s meltdown!

Commercial Griddle


The use of lower temperatures considerably decreases the amount of radiated heat and cooking fumes, which makes the FlashGRILL Evolution safer to use and the ideal grill for Front of house cooking, (closer to customers) and makes for better conditions in the kitchen Back of house .

commercial griddle
commercial griddle


Built in stainless steel without joints or weld, and extra large drip tray makes cleaning easy. You can easily wash down the FlashGRILL Evolution’s surface at any time during use and it won’t suffer a temperature drop. No more annoying waiting time to restore the cooking temperature you need!

Reduce your
electricity bill,
not your standards

Globally we look to move away from non-renewable energy sources. Initiatives are in action to decrease and phase out gas-based commercial kitchens and equipment, businesses need to secure reliable, energy efficient electric equipment for the future.

With it’s robust design, almost zero maintenance requirements, high performance capabilities and most importantly, it’s ability to deliver a reduction in energy consumption of up to 70%, it’s no wonder more and more are looking at the FlashGRILL Evolution as an ideal solution (especially when they can get a return from their investment in less than a year!)

What Our Clients Say

“The FlashGrill is so good. Always such an even cook. Never have to worry about re-heating, it’s always at temp. Super easy to clean and nothing ever sticks. We cover the plate with 30 frozen burgers, cook them, then add another 30 straight away with no change in cooking time between the first lot and the second and get the same great result. It’s really impressive” Katrina Sanderson, Food Operations Manager - Bowser Bean and Vantage Fuels

It enhances flavours by cooking at low temperatures.

"FlashGRILL completes any food. It enhances flavours by cooking at low temperatures. It can perfectly caramelise and grill the products. It is great for white meat and fish. It is very satisfying to cook different kinds of meats and ensuring clients can fully perceive the differences in tastes due to the specific flavour of each product being preserved."Chef Francesco di Maria, - LA FIORENTINA Ristorante-Pasticceria Roma - Italy
“Since I have had the possibility to cook at lower temperatures, meat does not stiffen or burn. It remains evenly cooked and intact, and enhances flavour. Thanks to FlashGRILL, which keeps the temperature even on the full cooking surface, I managed to optimise cooking in my work kitchen. I also use the CLOCHE every day. Thanks to it, I obtain great results with meat and fish, like tuna. I am extremely satisfied.”Chef Diego Asara, - GINGER SAPORI E SALUTE Roma - RM

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