Effeuno Pizza Oven

When it comes to creating a great tasting Pizza the traditional wood fire option is not always the best! With small spaces, limited time and hungry customers, a countertop commercial pizza oven is the best way to go. But not all pizza ovens are created equally!

The Effeuno is designed and manufactured in Italy where the experts came together to create the most efficient and effective pizza oven to make over any space and create your very own little pizzeria! All that is really left for you to do is get creative on the toppings!

Pure Simplicity

Simplicity is the mother of all invention and there is no more simpler and effective way to create the perfect pizza than with the Effeuno range of countertop pizza ovens. Using the traditional stone plates to create the perfect cooking surface for the pizza base and the optimal cooking temperature, you always get the best tasting results.

Simply plug and play, these ovens enable you to cook a variety of sizes and quantities based on your own countertop space. For wood oven taste without the loss of space, the Italians do it best.

The taste of Italy, anywhere

There is no place you go in Italy without the option of a pizza! Everyone knows, the Italians do it the best! That is why we love the Effeuno pizza ovens. You don’t need to be Italian to make the best pizza, they created the oven so you can do it!

Forget a chef, kitchen or extra staff, you can premake your pizzas so there is no time or preparation involved, simply switch the oven on and cook! To meet the needs of the most insatiable customers hunger pangs with no fuss and no effort, we recommend serving up great tasting PIZZA!!!!


Perfect Pizzas   No Chef Required

Menus designed for profit and taste

Our experienced in house chef will customise and design easy to prepare tasty and food menus with a unique point of difference for your specific customer and business. Come and visit our kitchen for a personalised eat and meet session, with Alex our resident chef.

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